Porcelain Candle

Porcelain Candle

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Essence + Alchemy seasonal aromatherapy REFILLABLE candles Autumna (Autumn) and Hiems (Winter) are hand-poured into handcrafted reusable glazed white porcelain laboratory vessels. Inspired by the ceramic melting pots used by ancient alchemists to blend healing potions and old Latin texts documenting the influence of the seasons on alchemical process.

Candle refills are available for this vessel.



AUTUMNA the season of slowing down. The Autumna essence evocatively captures the seasons brisk, wistful aromas. With sweet autumn fruits entwined with warming spices and rich earthy tones, it’s the perfect companion to slow down and embrace the changing season. An essential oil blend to relax and uplift - ripened citrus fruits combined with autumnal spices, rich earthy tones and a whisper of rose from late summer blooms.

HIEMS the season of winter and hibernation. The Hiems essence beautifully encapsulates the quintessential spirit and warmth of winter with its clove studded orange pomanders scented with festive spices and a hint of ancient myrrh. Warming and nostalgic winter aromas with citrus and spice essential oils.



On lighting of the porcelain candle, it first gifts a bright flame and crackle of the wooden wick. The scented wax begins to melt releasing its aromatherapy essence into the air. The vessel lights up emitting a warm glow through its porcelain wall. Wax is slowly wicked away leaving a beautiful vessel and lid for reuse as a tea-light holder or trinket pot.


Inspired By The Elements.

Essence + Alchemy is an experiment in design, ritual and natural fragrance focused on handcrafting sustainable collections with honesty and transparency to support natural well-being. Combining the theories of traditional aromatherapy, ancient alchemy and well-considered design, Essence + Alchemy brings together a portfolio of consciously made, natural and unique products influenced by the natural world, alchemy, mythology and imagination.

Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into its ultimate matter and essence.